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Press Release

Mar 29, 2008

Subject: Local businesswoman builds construction
Category: Building and Construction and Maintenance Services

Local businesswoman builds construction company, tears down stereotypes By JILL BLACKFORD, Special to the Daily Transcript Wednesday, August 29, 2007 Kindergarten teacher. Public administrator to at-risk populations. President and CEO of award-winning construction firm. Three seemingly disparate job titles. Yet Aldrica Lattimore has had them all. Lattimore's current role is as president and CEO of Accurate Engineering Integrated Construction Services, which her younger brother, Rod Thompson, now director of operations, started in 1992. Lattimore started helping out then as well -- when she was on holiday or summer vacation from her jobs in education and public administration in New York. Eventually, that work turned into full-time. "I came out originally in the summers and during vacations to give (Rod) a hand with the business," Lattimore said. "I was a typical contractor wearing 12 hats." Lattimore found that not only the job responsibilities, but also the perspectives in the construction field, were new challenges for her compared to what she had faced with at-risk parents and students. "The industry wasn't so receptive to me, being an African-American woman and being a woman in general," she said. "Some were very welcoming, but not a whole lot. It's changed now, but that was 10 years ago." Despite the differences between her former professions and her current role as head of the $10 million Accurate Engineering, Lattimore still draws on the skills she honed in tough neighborhoods in New York during client meetings or in the boardroom. "I am 5 feet 2 and all of a hundred pounds," she says. "And I often find myself going into situations that you would think I would run away from. But any time any one says no -- such as this child can't learn -- then that becomes my project. It's no different with this company. I have worked hard and have overcome obstacles and doubts out there." Lattimore also credits her background in the classroom with helping her to be receptive and resourceful. Perhaps, she mused, her experience in a completely different arena actually facilitated the company's growth. She has no formal education in construction or engineering. "Many CEOs in construction today only have on-the-job-training and life experience," she said. "And that's what I have. Can I go out and put on a tool belt? No, I cannot do that. But when I go out do I know what I am looking at? Yes, ma'am. Do they know that I care about the success of our projects? Yes, ma'am." This somewhat unconventional candidate took over Accurate Engineering ICS in 2000, when it was more than $100,000 in the red. At the time, Lattimore's attorney told her she'd be taking over a lot of debt and advised against it. She stood firm in believing that she could turn the company around. The following year Accurate Engineering did $1 million in sales, a reported 100 percent growth

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Contact Information:
Aldrica Lattimore     
Accurate Engineering Integrated Construction Services Inc.
4204 Sorrento Valley Blvd Ste. L
San Diego, California 92121, USA
Tel: 858-546-1789

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